schermafbeelding-2016-10-27-om-13-24-18The current team consists two experienced creative marketing and communications specialist with a commercial mindset and deep love for refined brands. After four years gaining experience as freelancers for a variety of customers, we decided to join forces and make our passion for BOUTIQUE brands to a business. We have built a broad expertise with our experience and knowledge of both fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands. In addition, the experience has brought us valuable contacts in the industry. We like to do what we are good at and we do this with passion and persuasion. We are committed to the full 100% and have a sharp focus from the branding proces up to achieving sales results.

Our driven mentality comes from our deep love for pure and refined brands combined with the frustration of seeing them struggling to succeed. This due to the inability to translate their vision into a solid strategy. We experience a rush by achieving goals for our clients, their success is our success.