BOUTIQUE is a fashion agency with a passion for refined & egdy labels who are redefining the world of bohemian chique. We are engaged in discovering talented designers from abroad to bring an extra value to both the brand and the retailer. Together with our customers, we try to put down the right brand in the right place.

Boutique has an high quality database with both major retailers and independent boutiques in all regions of Holland. In addition we have valuable contacts in well-known luxury boutiques in popular holiday destinations all around Europe. Offering a diversified full business structure is one of the keys to our success. From public relations to marketing, from sales management to our customer service. This structure enables us to cover all demands of a successful entry into our markets.

All of our new accounts are screened individually by us. We do so to ensure that the client is the right match for your brand. We are always looking for the best match to create a win win situation. This is a result of our branding background that has taught us that a mismatch can be fatal for your branding strategy and finding the perfect match adds great value to your brand. We have a transparent working structure to ensure maximum sales are achieved consistently We aim to be inspiring and reliable partner for boutiques, specialty stores and brands for the long term. WeThe choice of collections from France, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia ensures a good mixture of styles, with the emphasis on high quality and creativity. Our services include on the road sales, showroom sales, customer service and if needed publicity. All of this executed with high standards in quality, exclusivity, service and personal attention.