About boutique


BOUTIQUE is a full service branding agency with focus on brand building from the bottom up; initiating in Positioning, Publicity and Sales. BOUTIQUE works mainly with boutique brands, as we want our customers to feel the same passion, drive for refinement as we do. BOUTIQUE is connected to a large network of Editors, Influencers, Retailers, as well as other inspiring people in the fashion industry. Our extensive experience in Marketing, PR and Communications for lifestyle, Beauty and Fashion labels ensures that your brand will be seen in all the right places via a full range of services.


Representing a brand requires a broad spectrum of activities; once a brand joins BOUTIQUE there will be an initial assessment made analyzing the brand direction and objectives. This process is all about determining the right message, and targeting the right audience at the most opportune time. For some brands this direction might be purely publicity, for others it may be streamlining communication, or achieving maximum sales. Branding in today’s complex Fashion landscape requires a broad vision and dynamic approach; at BOUTIQUE we pride ourselves in creating just the right mix to personalize the process every step of the way.


A great product offers no guarantees when building a strong brand, and a strong brand does not always represent a great product. Branding is about visual communication, professional representation and providing service above expectation. BOUTIQUE offers consistency and optimal exposure which will lay the foundation to successful exposure.